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With the hundreds of plastic surgery procedures available on the market today, one can definitely find at least one beauty enhancement procedure that would solve his or her beauty dilemma. Let us discover one of the most common beauty procedures in the world, the nose plastic surgery or also well-known as rhinoplasty, and how it helps in improving a patient’s overall facial profile.


Nose plastic surgery: What is it?

Rhinoplasty or nose plastic surgery is a procedure that improves both the function and the appearance of the nose. This surgery is one of the few plastic surgery procedures that address both the aesthetic and functional problems of a patient. It reshapes and resizes a patient’s nose, and it can also manipulate a part of the nose to correct a breathing or sleeping disorder.


Nose plastic surgery: The initial consultation


Your plastic surgeon of choice may inform you that this is the most critical consultation you may be having with him. Here, both of you will evaluate the problems with your nose and determine if these can be addressed by rhinoplasty. You can also state your expectations about the results of the procedure, and he may curb them into realistic ones. Because, let’s be honest, there is no such thing as a perfect nose, only a nose that perfectly fits your facial profile. He will discuss ways on how to improve the shape and size of your nose and how it will affect how you look.




During this initial consultation, your plastic surgeon will also discuss about how the procedure is performed, the risks and complications it may involve, the price of the procedure, and if insurance is going to shoulder some of its cost. You should also inform him of your medical history, and you can expect your plastic surgeon to request medical tests to ensure that you are physically fit to undergo this procedure.



Nose plastic surgery: The process

Nose plastic surgery or rhinoplasty can be performed in different ways and techniques depending on the patient’s need and the surgeon’s expertise. Basically, incisions are made on the nose to expose the nasal bone and cartilage. The surgeon then reshapes the nasal cartilage to fit the appearance you both agreed on during the initial consultation. Reshaping may involve removing parts of the bone and cartilage to resize an overly large nose, or using cartilage grafts to create height and make the nose look small and reformed. After the reshaping, incisions are closed, and splints may be applied to support the new shape of the nose. Nasal packing is also inserted to provide additional protection and to aid in wound drainage.


Nose plastic surgery: The results

For the first few weeks or months, you may expect that your nose is still swollen, and bruising and tenderness around the area may still be apparent. This will gradually subside until you can finally see improvement in the size and shape of your nose after six months. This may sound too long but be assured that you can already see noticeable improvements in the weeks or months in between. The long wait may be brought about by the on and off swelling that occurs on the nose during your recovery period. If you have any concerns with regard to the outcome of the surgery, feel free to discuss it with your plastic surgeon during the routine follow-ups he will schedule for you until your final results are visible.

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