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Beauty nowadays has become more and more physical and complicated to achieve. Being naturally beautiful is now just a fantasy, as more and more cosmetic procedures offer different ways to enhance a part of the body, that what was once considered already beautiful and functional. Here, let us find out about chin plastic surgery, one of the most recent facial surgery options that people can avail themselves of improving their facial profile.



Chin plastic surgery: What is it?

Mentoplasty or genioplasty, as chin plastic surgery is technically called, is the procedure that surgically reshapes the chin. Reshaping can be done by inserting implants (augmentation) or by removing parts of the lower jawbone (reduction). Chin plastic surgery was previously part of rhytidectomy or facelift surgery. However, the detachment to become a sole facial surgery came about when more and more people desired just to reshape their chin instead of surgically manipulating the whole face.


Chin plastic surgery: How is it done?


For augmentation mentoplasty, the surgeon makes an incision on the unnoticeable crease below the chin or inside the mouth under the lower lip near the gums. These two operative sites would open up and expose a spot where the implant can be placed. According to you and your doctor’s discussion about the extent of the enhancement, your surgeon will use a specific size and shape of the implant that has the same feel as a natural chin tissue. Closing the incision with sutures ends the surgery; expect unnoticeable scarring with the external incision on the chin, and no scarring when the incision is inside the mouth.

For reduction mentoplasty, the incisions made by your surgeon replicate the ones used for augmentation. However, instead of placing an implant, the surgeon carves or sculpts the chin to reshape it accordingly. Your surgeon may also reposition your jaw so that your chin can follow suit and be emphasised differently through its shape and size.


Chin plastic surgery: What should be my expectations?

Chin plastic surgery, like any other facial surgeries, does wonders in improving your facial profile. However, undergoing such cosmetic surgery does not affect other difficulties you encounter in life. Though it may impact your self-confidence in a significant way, the general emotional turmoil you have and the outside factors that affect your daily life may not be solved by a mere chin plastic surgery. Here are some of the things you may expect about mentoplasty.

Discuss your concerns directly to your plastic surgeon. We all have expectations and fantasies on how our physical image should look like after a successful cosmetic surgery procedure. It is best to let your doctor know these ideas and preferences so that they can help you curb your outlook and obtain realistic hopes about how mentoplasty would improve your facial profile.

Know the risks and potential complications. All surgeries, major or minor, can have unwanted complications and may put your life at risk if not carefully and accurately performed. Discussing all your concerns with your surgeon and letting your doctor talk you through the whole procedure and its accompanying potential side effects will enlighten your mind about the entire procedure and may even help you decide if you need to undergo surgery or not.

Chin plastic surgery costs depend on your need. It may range from $2000 to $20000, depending on whether it is for enhancing (augmentation) or reshaping (reduction) of the chin. Chin implants have an average price tag of $5000, jaw reduction costs $3550, and an orthognathic surgery (a complex jaw surgery that straightens and realigns your jaw and can somehow affect your chin profile) would cost you an average of $17000!


Improving how you look to boost your self-confidence is essential. However, risking your personal safety and the functional capacity of your body just so you can achieve aesthetic perfection is useless. Learn to prioritise and set limitations on what you can and cannot enhance or improve with regard to your body so that you can ensure your safety and comfort at all times.

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